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|Buddy childers passing | lynda childers north carolina|

Blk 9, Defu Lane 10, #01-486, Singapore 539190  Tel: 6454 7335, 6280 0518 Fax: 6282 0922

Installation will complete within half an hour

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 L Shaped Store Rack

  Rectangle Rack  


 46" x 20"
 48" x 16"
 Height: 72"
Option: Request for PVC plywood (at additional cost)

48" x 24"
Height: 80"
Option: Request for PVC playwood (at additional cost)



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  1  " x 1  "
  Colour: Brown/Grey/white*

   PVC plywood (white)          12mm plywood

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 Bomb Shelter Floorplan (Common)

  Customised Racks
  From wall to wall

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 Standard Sized Racks 


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  slotted angles

  2 " x 1 "
  Colour: Brown/Grey

  Sizes can be made to order.
  Enquires are welcome. Call us at 6454 7335/ 6280 0518.